July 22, 2013

Shipping Container Modification Kits Simplifies the Process

The Simple Way to Modify A Container // // When searching out shipping containers for sale, typically the desired end result is to modify the container into something other than a shipping container. Two of the most common post shipping uses for containers is to transform them into a storage unit or a container house. For commercial applications where a temporary or portable office is needed, like on a construction site, many are turning to shipping containers as the basis to construct an office from. Shipping containers are strong, durable and best of all, made to be moved.
There are several ways to undertake the process to modify a shipping container into a temporary office or mobile office. You can purchase a container and begin the modifications yourself. This is certainly the cheapest way to accomplish the transformation but it will take some time, especially if it’s your first time you’ll be approaching it from the trial and error method – not the best use of your time. The next method would be to purchase a container and have it modified to your specifications by a company specializing in this work. This is the easiest and most sure method, and if you have the resources, the most costly method. A simple Google search will turn up a number of companies that routinely perform this type of container modification. If would like some further help with this search, please contact us and we will provide some good options for you to consider.containers for sale office Intermodal Shipping Container Small Steel Buildings A third option for your consideration is a container modification kit. These kits include all the windows, doors, HVAC, electrical, flooring, wall, and ceiling panels needed to transform your container into a small portable office. The wall and ceiling panels are pre constructed in four foot long sections and come complete with insulation, finished wall paneling, electrical wiring and devises, and cut outs for windows and doors. Two professional installers can complete a 20’ container in about five hours; if you have some construction background and the proper tools two installers doing their first container modification should be able to complete the project within eight hours. The proper tools include standard construction tools like nail guns, screw guns, saws and hand tools, in addition you will need tools to cut openings in the container and a welder to attach windows and doors. Most of the shipping container modification kits are very slick and well thought out. You start in the end corner installing the end wall and two 4’ sections of the long wall. The window/door openings will be pre -cut in the panels, once the panel is located you will need to cut the opening in the container and weld in the window or door. The ceiling panel slides in resting on top of the wall panels. Electrical wiring pre-installed on each panel and the interconnections are made as each section is installed. One kit we are especially impressed with is from Built Rite Industries, LLC. Gardena, CA. These kits make a fast and very useable portable field office but I would caution against using them for a residential application as the fit and finish may not be suitable for a home. // //