How Much to Deliver My Container?
January 27, 2014
// // One of the questions I’m asked most often is “how much does it cost to ship a container?” Sometimes I’ll be asked this before they ask the price of the storage container, the question is short but the answer can be as long as a Hollywood awards event. You can have your container […]
Control the Moisture Levels in Your Storage Container
January 14, 2014
If you are storing items in a standard shipping container that is placed outside and exposed to the elements your goods are susceptible to condensation occurring inside the container, usually collecting on the ceiling. The root cause of moisture damage in storage containers is the simple fact that warm air can hold more moisture than […]
Start Your Container Project With A Good Foundation
December 4, 2013
For a Level Playing Field, Start With Your Foundation // // Today, shipping containers are being modified into everything from homes to computer server storage units and everything in between, along the way containers are getting heavier and heavier. A dry 40 foot container weights about 6,800 pounds or about 21 pounds per square foot. […]
Making Shipping Containers a Safe Living Environment
November 6, 2013
Safely Transform Your Container // // The practice of transforming used shipping containers into homes, vacation homes, cottages, hunting cabins and housing during disaster recovery efforts is very common, shipping containers have even been used as the basis for multistory apartment buildings and hotels. One group has developed a portable container hotel that can quickly […]
Know the Tradeoffs and Building Codes Before Starting a Modular Shipping Container House
August 26, 2013
Many are now considering modular construction when embarking on a new home or light commercial building project. // // Modular construction has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, gone are the days of modular construction being simply another name for trailers. Today when a modular construction project is completed most people […]
Improve Your Project Schedule and Reduce Costs by Using Containers in Your Modular Construction Project
August 15, 2013
You Can Have It Fast and Save Money Too! Most of us are very familiar with the concept of using shipping containers as the basis for houses and cabins. Containers are strong, durable and easily modified; their dimensions are held to strict tolerances so they make great building blocks, by their very nature containers make […]
Shipping Container Modification Kits Simplifies the Process
July 22, 2013
The Simple Way to Modify A Container // // When searching out shipping containers for sale, typically the desired end result is to modify the container into something other than a shipping container. Two of the most common post shipping uses for containers is to transform them into a storage unit or a container house. […]
Consider the Engineering Implications Before You Modify Your Shipping Container
July 8, 2013
Think Before You Cut Your Container Once shipping containers are done carrying cargo overseas they are sold and put to use serving many new functions. Some become storage containers; some are outfitted with phone and server equipment to restore communications in the event of natural disasters or in remote locations and still others are modified […]
Repair Small Holes or Bad Seams in Shipping Container Roofs With a Good Quality Coating
July 1, 2013
The Container Roof, a Weak Link Shipping containers have generally lived an active life by the time they are retired from overseas service work. Many shipping containers are retired after a single ocean crossing but others may end up traveling the high seas three to five times before reaching their golden years. It’s at this […]
Several Options to Cut Openings in Shipping Containers
June 28, 2013
Measure Twice, Cut Once! Most shipping container modification plans will involve adding windows, doors, vents or even opening up a side wall. Cutting Cor-Ten steel while not as simple as cutting wood can be accomplished with a variety of different tools that you may have available in the common handy man’s garage. First and most […]