Frequently Asked Questions

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Below low are some common questions that we’re often asked. If you need additional information, then please call us at 800-870-1009.

How do you deliver a portable storage container?
Containers4Sale delivers your container to you on a tilt-bed truck or “roll-off.” The driver will back the trailer over your desired location and tip the trailer bed up lowering the end of the container until it touches the ground. The driver then drives straight out from under the container. Our representative will ask you if we should load the container with the doors facing to the cab or to the rear of the truck. You should make that decision based on the desired location of the container door at your site.

How much space is needed for delivery?
A 20′ storage container needs approx. 90′ of straight clearance. For a 40′ storage container, approximately 110′ straight clearance, width requirement is approximately 12′, and a minimum of 20′ overhead clearance is required at the drop off location. Any obstacles like trees and overhead wires must be cleared prior to delivery.

Is there any site preparation necessary? Where can we put our container?
The surface should be fairly level, smooth, and firm. The truck and trailer weigh over 30,000 lb., a concrete pad, asphalt paving or other sturdy surface is preferred and most drivers will not drive off of a road or paved surface. If you need an off road delivery it is best to discuss the road condition in advance. In considering the resting location for a container Asphalt, gravel, grass, earth, concrete surfaces are all acceptable. The container is self-supporting at the four corners. Therefore, on soft unstable surfaces we recommend each corner casting to be supported with a concrete footing, railroad ties, asphalt or a bed of gravel to spread the weight. This is also very important for container doors to operate smoothly.

How soon is delivery from time of order?
Typically, your container can be delivered within a week of your order. If you need something sooner, please let us know and we will work to accommodate you.

Why does shipping cost so much?
Containers are delivered on large, tilt bed trailers. This equipment is specialized and expensive to maintain. Rarely can a container be delivered and then the truck do something else on the same run, so the driver will be making a dedicated trip to bring your container to you. When you put that all together, that generally makes ground-level delivery more expensive than having something brought out on a flatbed or other type of delivery.

Can you move my full container?
We do not move full containers. We do not have the appropriate insurance for doing that. In addition, moving full containers have their own set of requirements.

How strong are storage containers from Containers4Sale?
Very. 14-gauge corrugated steel sides. 14G steel roof. 14G steel cam-locking double doors. 1-1/8″ thick marine wood floors.

Storage containers and Connex boxes? What’s the difference?
Storage containers, shipping containers, Connex boxes, domestic containers and portable steel containers are all names for the same thing. The name tends to change depending on the region of the country or, sometimes, the industry.

What type of payment is required on delivery?
We accept checks, cash, and major credit cards. We also offer financing, please click over to our Financing page for the available options. For rentals we will invoice the first billing cycle’s rent, plus delivery and pickup fees and taxes. All subsequent billings will include the billing cycles rent and use tax.

Is my container lock protected?
All Containers4Sale portable storage containers are equipped with four cam rods, there is a place on the container to place your own padlock. If needed we offer specialized container locks, please contact your representative for more information.

How much will a container hold?
A 20′ standard will hold about 1,150 cubic feet. A 40′ High Cube is almost 2,700 cubic feet while a 40′ Standard will hold about 2,400 cubic feet.

How big are Containers4Sale portable storage containers? What does a container weigh?
Standard lengths are 20′ and 40′. There are 8’/10′ and some 45′ containers available while most other lengths need to be constructed. 20’s weigh about 5,000 lbs. and 40′ containers weigh about 9,000 lbs.

What is the difference between a “standard” and a “high cube”?
A “standard” can be either 20′ or 40′ or 45′ long, they are all 8′ 6” high (7’9” inside, 7’ 5” at the door). A “High Cube” refers to a container that is 9′ 6” tall (8’9” inside, 8’5” at the door). All containers are 8’ wide (7’8” inside).

What flooring is in a container?
Since the 1990’s most standard containers have been manufactured with 1 1/8 inch plywood floors. Some earlier containers were manufactured with plank floors.

Can containers be stacked?
Yes. Containers are built to be stacked and through the 4 corner-posts most containers can safely support over 300 tons’ static weight. The roof panels and side top rails can support only lightweight items without causing permanent distortion/damage.

What if the container I rented needs repair?
Containers4Sale, Inc. will maintain the unit throughout the term of the rental period. If you need maintenance, simply give us a call and we will come out promptly. Many maintenance repairs are free of charge for the life of the shipping container storage rental term as indicated in your lease.

What is the condition of a new/used container?
Most of the new containers are manufactured in China. Therefore, new containers available in US from Containers4Sale have all been transported from factory sites by rail, road and sea transport. In order to save shipping costs most containers are offered to shipping interests on one-way use basis. By allowing a shipper to use the container for a single load, our cost to position a new container into North America is reduced significantly. These savings are reflected in the price to you. The majority of used containers are typically 10-14 years old when sold by the international shipping interests that originally owned and operated the equipment in international trade. Most are sold as they are considered to have reached the end of their practical working life. This does not however mean that containers are valueless or without new productive applications. Therefore, we have our grading system that addresses the important aspects depending upon the intended use:

  • New (1 trip)
  • Premium or IICL-5 (2 to 8 years old): Excellent condition, meets specific repair standards suitable for regular cargo use
  • CW – Cargo Worthy (Over 8 years old): Structurally sound, suitable for project or single move shipping
  • WWT – Wind and watertight (over 8 years old): Suitable for storage
  • AS IS: Needs repair work

Are there a lot of dents in the used container?
Some used storage containers are in better condition than others. Not all containers have had the same rigorous life. Lease and sale pricing is based on the grade of the container so you can talk to your Containers4Sale sales representative to determine which grade meets your needs and budget.

How long will the shipping containers last?
Without any form of preventative maintenance, a one trip container, in a storage environment, should last for more than 20 years. Used containers have a variable lifespan depending upon the condition of the container when purchased. Our containers should be free of problems for many years after purchase but as steel continues to rust attention should be paid to areas of rust and preventative maintenance performed as required.

What does a container cost?
Because of changes in market, availability and other variables, Containers4Sale quotes specific prices daily. For more detail please call Toll Free: 800-870-1009