Control the Moisture Levels in Your Storage Container
January 14, 2014
If you are storing items in a standard shipping container that is placed outside and exposed to the elements your goods are susceptible to condensation occurring inside the container, usually collecting on the ceiling. The root cause of moisture damage in storage containers is the simple fact that warm air can hold more moisture than […]
Shipping Container Modification Kits Simplifies the Process
July 22, 2013
The Simple Way to Modify A Container // // When searching out shipping containers for sale, typically the desired end result is to modify the container into something other than a shipping container. Two of the most common post shipping uses for containers is to transform them into a storage unit or a container house. […]
Consider the Engineering Implications Before You Modify Your Shipping Container
July 8, 2013
Think Before You Cut Your Container Once shipping containers are done carrying cargo overseas they are sold and put to use serving many new functions. Some become storage containers; some are outfitted with phone and server equipment to restore communications in the event of natural disasters or in remote locations and still others are modified […]
Storage Container Rental Contact Language That Can Cost You a Lot of Money if You’re Not Aware of it
June 25, 2013
Hidden Costs in the Terms and Conditions In previous articles we’ve looked at factors that impact the rental rates you may pay for a storage container, and then we looked at taxes and fees that may occur in addition to the rental rates quoted. The last article discussed lease agreement language that, if you are […]
Shipping Container Floor Issues to Consider
June 18, 2013
The Story Behind the Wood // // The wood floors constructed into shipping containers have become a hotly contested issue over the past several years. As people find more and more creative uses for retired shipping containers they are claiming a positive environmental impact for their recycling efforts. On the other side of the equation, […]
Weathering Steel (Cor-Ten), the Good Stuff
May 23, 2013
What is Weathering Steel? // // If you are searching for shipping containers for sale, you have or you will have heard the term “weathering steel” or “Cor-Ten Steel.” This is the type of steel used in the manufacturing of shipping containers, but why the two names you ask? In this instance it is like […]
Things to Consider Before Starting a Shipping Container House
April 20, 2013
Steel shipping containers have been used for many different things once they no longer sail the high seas. // // Typically, retired shipping containers become “storage containers” or are transformed into construction site mobile offices. A recent trend gaining momentum in the architectural world is transforming steel containers into the basis for homes and light […]
Shipping Containers, They’re Not Just for Shipping Anymore
April 13, 2013
The Evolution of Shipping Containers Shipping containers, if you look while driving around town, you’ll see them EVERYWHERE.  After long journeys across the ocean, you’ll see containers in the final distribution channels. When you get stopped at a train crossing you’re likely to see train car after train car loaded with containers or you’ll see […]