Storage Container Rental Contact Language That Can Cost You a Lot of Money if You’re Not Aware of it
June 25, 2013
Hidden Costs in the Terms and Conditions In previous articles we’ve looked at factors that impact the rental rates you may pay for a storage container, and then we looked at taxes and fees that may occur in addition to the rental rates quoted. The last article discussed lease agreement language that, if you are […]
Storage Container Rental Terms and Conditions That May Increase the Costs
June 10, 2013
Watch The Small Print! // // We recently posted an article about renting shipping containers and elaborated on the things that may impact the rental rate that you are quoted. Here we will point out some common small print items in the rental terms and conditions that you may unknowingly agree to that could increase […]
Factors in Container Rental Rates
June 8, 2013
If you only need a container for a short period of time then renting is the prefect option for you. You can typically rent 20 foot containers for $50 – $80 per month and 40 foot containers for $90 – $120 per month, these rates will vary based on any number of things, we’ll look […]